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What Can You Find in our Hannaford Exhibit?

Visit this museum this summer for some quality family fun! We are open regular hours, even during camps. Plus, we have air conditioning for those sweltering summer days!

One of our favorite (and longest-standing!) exhibits is our child-sized make-believe Hannaford exhibit where children can fill their carts with healthy foods like fresh produce, giant blocks of cheese, healthy drinks and lots of canned goods. Sort veggies and fruits by color, measure their weight with a live scale, practice an exchange of money and more.

Engaging in dramatic play like this, where children accept and assign roles and act them out, mimicking real-life situations, encourages children to try out new related vocabulary words, fosters self-expression, promotes creativity and lets children practice motor skills. Exhibits like Hannaford also create opportunities for social play where children interact with one another, creating rules, problem-solving, and practicing taking turns and respecting others.

Thank you to Hannaford Supermarkets for continuously supporting the museum through their sponsorship of this beloved exhibit!


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