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Custom CDM Growth Charts!

Marching ants mark the inches from 20″ above the floor to 60″.

We are excited to release our first ever Play, Learn, Discover growth chart. This commissioned piece of one-of-a-kind artwork represents the Museum’s spirit of curiosity-driven play and exploration and celebrates the adventure of childhood.

This year’s growth chart was crafted by Gardiner-based artist Kate Harris. Kate is well known for her creations in varied media and applications be it tiny ceramic pots (@alittlelandcreation) or giant wall murals! Combining watercolor and pen, Kate has skillfully crafted the Children’s Discovery Museum’s first ever growth chart, a stunning piece for any home with growing children. (You might even use the gaps to chart notes of other types of growth in a child’s life by date climbing upwards chronologically – first steps, new words, favorite books and games, family adventures, and more!)

Growth chart prints are available for purchase or pick-up at the Museum. Just $30 for a beautiful piece of practical artwork with all proceeds supporting Children’s Discovery Museum always-growing programs and exhibits!

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