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In a world with an increasing focus on academic success and less opportunity for child-led freetime, the American Academy of Pediatrics is encouraging doctors to write a new kind of prescription: the space and freedom to play.

And you can help.

When Sophia started visiting the CDM she was shy and did not usually engage with other children. Now, Sophia and her mother use their membership at least once a week, and Sophia never leaves without making a new friend. Her language and social skills have blossomed, and Sophia’s mother feels confident that she is much more ready to head off to school this year because of her time at the CDM.

Does this sound familiar? You have the chance to make a difference in the life of a child, like Sophia, and hopefully like the children in your own life, who benefit from the services provided at the Children’s Discovery Museum. Please consider a one-time gift or a monthly pledge to create opportunities for healthy growth and learning in our community’s children.

$25 Provides 4 day passes to a low-income family

$50 Provides a Single Membership for a low-income parent and child

$75 Provides an annual Family Membership for a low-income family

$150 Provides one week of Adventure Camp for a child

$250 Sends the Mobile Museum to one community event

$500 Supports ongoing exhibit repairs and upgrades

$1,000 Provides a family with life-long access to educational programs

THANK YOU for considering a donation to the Children’s Museum. It is with partners like you that we can make a difference.

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