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The Cafe

As children ‘work’ they learn all about the restaurant world – from taking orders to preparing and serving creative meals for their customers, it’s sure to be a fun experience for all! **Sponsorship Opportunity**

HRDemblem_Full_color_CMYKGrocery Store (Generously sponsored by Hannaford)

Little ones enjoy shopping by themselves in a grocery store made just for them; finally they can get everything they want! This is a great opportunity to learn about fruits, vegetables and other products and to play games involving counting, colors and shapes.

Bank (Generously sponsored by Kennebec Savings Bank)KSB two line - two color FINAL

It’s never too early for a child to learn the importance of money! Children are encouraged to practice mathematical skills and identify coins, while opening their minds to all that money can buy. Hop onto one of the two new touch screen computers in the bank to play online math games, use a working ATM, and even send your friend a receipt through our “drive-through” tube!

Ocean Touch Tank

***We are sorry for the inconvenience, but our touch tank is currently experiencing technical difficulties. We are working hard to resolve this issue, and plan to have a new collection of ocean animals to touch and observe when our generous donors at Boothbay Aquarium opens in the spring. Thank you for your patience!***

Everyone will love this hands-on experience with Maine’s coast. You can hold a starfish, watch the crabs eat or try to find the lobster or just watch them in their environment!
**Sponsorship Opportunity**


Helene Painting “Crab Your Tickets Here”


A real working theater where children’s imaginations can come to life on stage. You can have a puppet show, play with the dress up costumes or just use your imagination and create your very own play.  Purchase tickets and sit back to enjoy the show!

Thank you to local artist, Helene Farrar, and her students for creating a beautiful ocean scene in our theater area!

Music area
“Music helps develop children’s language skills, self-esteem, listening skills, math skills and so much more.” (Jackie Silberg The Importance of Music for Children.)

So let the children bang on the drums, tickle the keys of the piano, or dance and play away!

Lynn Duby Zen Den (Generously Sponsored by G.E.A.R. Parent Network, of Crisis & Counseling Centers.)

Need a break from all the excitement? Duck into the Lynn Duby Zen Den for a minute, and relax on the comfy couch.  Grab a book, listen to the soothing sounds of the ocean while soaking in the calming ions of our Himalayan salt lamp, create scenes on the felt wall or build with wood pieces on the magnetic wall. Be at peace, and emerge rejuvenated. A favorite spot for our friends on the autism spectrum, as well as nursing mommies.

Tree House/Nature Center

Climb the tree house and learn about animals in their own habitats. Kids can learn more about our states most wonderful resource, our land. Learn about all of the wonderful animals that live in our area including the many different species of birds.
**Sponsorship Opportunity**

Building Our Future (Generously sponsored by MainEX, G&E Roofing, Emery Electric)

Slap on a construction hat and get ready to build! Create a Lego car to zoom down our ramp, start a chain reaction be turning giant gears, grab a tool box and climb into a real Skid Steer, build with trains and blocks and then slide down a slide down a life-size pipe slide.

Creation Corner (materials supported by Skowhegan Savings Bank)

Our Creation Corner is a great place for kids to use their artistic talents to create wonderful masterpieces to take home. Dig through our always-changing assortment of supplies and make whatever your creative heart desires, OR join us on Thursdays at 11 for Little Hands, Big Ideas, a process-focused art class for all ages.

Testimonials (Our favorite part!)

“Because of CDM, my son has been an architect, an artist, a banker, a construction worker, a musician, a veterinarian, a train conductor, a marine biologist, a game warden, and a restaurant owner. He is 3! He is a single child and has never had an issue with sharing or interacting with others. He understands friendships. CDM offers an environment for learning through play that brings kids together regardless of race, age, or culture.”      ~Amy Forbus

“My kids love the touch tank at the Augusta Children’s Museum the most.  They enjoy being able to hold real creatures!”                                            ~Angela Taylor

“For us as home schoolers, it helps my kids see other children around the same age. My oldest, age 4, loves the free standing craft area. My son, age 3, loves the train in the back and the push dump trucks. My youngest, age 21 months, is in love with the puppies in the vet area.   ~Santana Delile

“My kids love the touch tank, train table, digger, bank, grocery store, deli…I think I just named everything here!  It’s been a great place to help them learn to share, introduce themselves to other kids, pick up after themselves.  We love CDM!”          ~ Anonymous