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The Messy Mornings Club

This program takes place every Tuesday at 11:00, and gives visitors the chance to participate in a variety of sensory activities like slime, different kinds of dough, water activities, color experimentation, and more. Great for exercising those fine motor skills. Sometimes messy. ALWAYS fun!

This program is made possible by G&E Roofing


Wellness Wednesday

This program takes place ever Wednesday at 11:00! Learn healthy habits for body and mind through song, food, movement + more! We do things like yoga for kids, make bike-blender smoothies and other healthy snacks, create and tackle awesome obstacle courses, have dance parties, and learn about how our bodies work and how to care for them!


Little Hands, Big Ideas

Little Hands, Big Ideas is a guided art time for toddlers and preschool-aged children on Thursdays at 11:00. Rather than focusing on a particular end-product, this program is centered around different themes, techniques, and sets of materials. This “process art” approach leaves the end-product in the hands of the child, opening the gates to creativity, fostering confidence, and also making the projects suitable for a wider variety of ages and abilities.

Thank you to Gosline Insurance for helping to make this program possible!


Stories Alive!

Stories Alive is a weekly program designed to provide positive reading experiences for young children. Every Friday at 11:00, a museum educator reads a storybook aloud to the children while parents look on, followed by an accompanying activity to bring the story to life! There is a popular quote that says “Children are made readers on the laps of their parents,” and we aim to help this happen by demonstrating effective reading techniques to the parents while also getting kids excited about reading. We believe this love of the written language will set them up for future success in school and in their lives beyond the classroom.

Thank you to the Walmart Community Grant for making this program possible!


Touch Tank

The museum’s Touch Tank is filled with a variety of sea creatures, straight out of Maine’s coastal waters! Hold animals like sea stars, crabs and sea urchins and take a closer look at our baby lobster! The Tank is opened most days at 11:45am and the animals are fed Tuesdays and Saturdays.

***We do our best to open the tank daily, but this can depend on staffing and health of the animals. Please feel free to call ahead and inquire if we will be opening the tank on the day of your visit!***


Special Events and Performances

Throughout the year, CDM will bring in additional educational programming for the children to enjoy. In past years, we have had Mr. Harley with his lively children’s music, Chewonki with their exotic animals, Edie King with her vast butterfly displays, Evergreen Dental with dental care tips for kids and Bessey’s Positive Paws to teach the children about responsible pet ownership. We also take great pride in promoting a love of reading at CDM and have welcomed many Maine Children’s authors each year. We do not charge an additional fee for these programs that occur during our normal business hours. They are free with our normal admission price.