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A New Place to Play

Old Favorites, New Design, Better Experience

A New Place To Play

The ever popular skid-steer will become part of a highly interactive construction zone where kids help finish a downtown building.

A few favorite elements of the current exhibits will be incorporated into a fresh, cohesive, and professional design. Otherwise, we’re starting fresh and when you visit our new location you’ll find brand new exhibits (and a whole host of new programs to complement)! The new CDM exhibit hall will explore Maine from the city to the sea with a Main Street full of pint-sized shops and a rural zone featuring an interactive watershed and a research cabin, among other nature-themed exhibits.

While providing an elaborate opportunity for learning through play, this theme will additionally deepen local children’s understanding of their home while also educating visitors from away about the beauty, history, and culture of Central Maine. For instance, a major exhibit area will be The Mill, built to resemble historic Maine mills with activities related to textile, paper, and shoe fabrication while also incorporating 21st century science, technology, engineering, art, and math (or STEAM) skills.

Find more information about our exhibit design plans here.

Bigger, Bolder, Brighter

After 25+ years in Maine’s capitol city, the Children’s Discovery Museum is exploring how to best serve as many central Maine families as possible. The CDM has been a key educational resource for Central Maine families since the early 1990s. Over the years, CDM has provided hundreds of thousands of children and their families with an opportunity to play and learn together. The current location and business model are, however, limiting in ways that do not maximize the Museum’s potential to serve Central Maine families. The new museum that we envision will be bigger and bolder and will pave the way to a brighter future for central Maine’s longest running children’s museum.

After careful consideration of how to best grow the Museum, it was decided that the museum needs a larger space with improved visibility and the opportunity for ownership. The museum team is gearing up to renovate the First Congregational Church building on Eustis Parkway in Waterville, which is just 25 minutes up I-95 from our current location. Waterville, with a strong arts and cultural scene, emphasis on inter-organization collaboration, and a vibrant walk-able downtown, is an ideal location for the museum to thrive. In this new home, the Museum will be better poised to serve more central Maine families and to deliver on our newly polished mission to ignite curiosity and celebrate learning through play.

Augusta Plans

During the fundraising and design of our new space, (at least through 2020), the current Augusta location will remain open, and we will continue to offer memberships, birthday parties, special events, enrichment opportunities, and more to our young friends in Central Maine and their families. We are also actively searching out new partnership opportunities for educational programming in both cities, so that we may best meet the needs of our community’s youth both during the build and beyond. Have a great idea we could work on together? Let us know!

Get Involved, Stay in Touch

This project will benefit from many minds and many hands! Are you curious to learn more about our task groups, committees, and other volunteer needs? Sign up to receive new museum news and hear about opportunities to get involved:


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Do you have something fabulous to donate (like a giant chickadee sculpture or your skills in carpentry) that you think could be a great addition to our new museum?

Please contact us: amarinda@childrensdiscoverymuseum.org