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Become a mermaid, game designer, inventor, mad-scientist, circus ringmaster and more this summer at CDM! All camps are run by trained museum staff and include both indoor and outdoor activities, hands-on exploration, art, science, museum play, snack and more! Space is limited, so call us TODAY at 622-2209 to make sure your child isn’t missing out!

The museum offers two camps. CDM Summer Camps take place at the museum and are geared towards ages 3-6. Kids In The Woods camp, in collaboration with Viles Arboretum, takes place at Viles and are geared towards children 7-11

Download the ENROLLMENT FORM here!

CDM Summer Camps: Monday-Friday 9:00 – 12:00 suitable for ages 3-6

Members $100/week
Non-members $115/week

Week 1: 6/19 – 6/23 Imaginary Island: If you could create your very own island, what would it be like? A Fairy Island, Candy World, Sharkland?! Spend the week designing your own island, creating currency, making a 3-D model of your island, experimenting with different types of weather and more!

Week 2: 6/26 – 6/30 Great and Mythical Creatures: Now let me tell you a story… Join us for a week of magic and mystery and we practice the art of storytelling. Inspired by unicorns, fairies, ogres and more, we’ll craft shadow puppets, design our own mythical creatures, create costumes and mix up magical potions.

Week 3: 7/10 – 7/14 Maine-ly Fun: We’ll become familiar with Maine’s rich wildlife, learn essential survival skills, compete in a lumberjack competition, make homemade paper & prepare blueberry pie!

Week 4: 7/17 – 7/21 Mermaids of the Deep Sea: Do you wish you were a mermaid? Learn what life would be like under the sea as we explore the creatures of the deep, shimmering bioluminescence, underwater volcanoes and more!

Week 5: 7/24 – 7/28 Game Over: We’ll experiment with MakeyMakey game controllers, create our own board games, design puzzles, learn some simple card tricks and more!

Week 6: 7/31 – 8/4 Fizz, Bubble, Splat: Get ready to get messy! Transform into a mad scientist and make slime, experiment with fizzy chemical reaction, blow giant bubbles and more, as we design and test the messiest experiments we can think of!

Week 7: 8/7 – 8/11 Moana in Maine: Inspired by Disney’s Moana, we’ll explore the culture and land of Hawaii, learn simple navigation skills, create our own volcanoes, string our own leis and more!

Week 8: 8/14 – 8/18 Under The Big Top: Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up! We’ll design our very own carnival, practicing spectacular tricks, creating flashy tickets, mixing up scrumptious treats, designing and playing our own carnival games and more!


Kids In The Woods Camp: Monday-Friday 9:00 – 3:00 suitable for ages 7-11

In partnership with the Viles Arboretum, this is a unique, nature-oriented camp that will get your kids excited about engaging with the outdoors. Camp takes place at the Arboretum!

Members $115/week
Non-members $125/week

Week 1: 7/10 – 7/14 Speak Your Mind: We know you’ve got lots of opinions! In partnership with the Gannett House Project First Amendment Museum, we’ll experiment with ways of expressing ourselves through art, storytelling, music, writing, and more. We’ll create memory boxes, screen-print t-shirts, and cap off the week’s activities by publishing our own “zine.”

Week 2: 7/17 – 7/21 Eco-Friends: With every puddle-jump and mud-pie, mother nature gives us so much to be thankful for! How can we say thank you? We’ll create sun-prints, invent our own toys with recycled materials, make our own bird feeders, plant egg heads and more!

Week 3: 7/31 – 8/4 The Kingdoms of Viles: Meet flora and fauna- the king and queen of our natural world. There is a wealth of knowledge to be found in the plenty and animal kingdoms at the Arboretum! We’ll create animal costumes, put together dioramas, test pond samples, press flowers, taste honeycomb and more!

Week 4: 8/7 – 8/11 Wilderness Survival: Spend a week confronting the great outdoors with determination, creativity, and respect for how nature both challenges and aids us. We’ll create paracord bracelets, put together emergency kits, build a solar oven, construct shelters and more!

Call the museum to register! 207-622-2209

Note: all camps need a minimum of 3 children in order to run.