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Temporary Closure

Due to current public health events and recommendations from the CDC, the Children’s Discovery Museum will be closed indefinitely. We will do our best to use this unexpected time constructively, so that when we are once again able to come together, we are the very best version of our organization that we can be.

Our museum family is committed to being a resource for families with children, and we will be working remotely to provide virtual resources for you during our closure. This may include tips and articles for talking to kids about current events, as well as ideas of activities and things that you can try out at home while so many schools and business are closed. We will also be releasing summer camp information this week – so start looking forward to warmth and fun and sunshine.

In the meantime, dear ones, here is a quick note of encouragement this Monday morning, from a team of people who have spent a LOT of time raising, working with, and learning about children. First of all, we know this is going to be harder on some of us than others, and also that we value education highly! It is at the heart of what we do! But please also consider this.

Boredom is healthy. Many of our kids no longer have the capacity to come up with their own ideas, simply because we live in a different society. Kids are highly scheduled, with increased screen time and more adult-led extracurriculars. We are not anti-technology by any means, and the activties our kids are in are great experiences. But it does mean that this time at home may feel more challenging because WHAT DO WE DO WITH THE CHILDREN!??!?! We aren’t used to this.

Our professional advice is to let them play. If you can, let them stay up a little bit later and bake cookies at nine in the morning. Say yes, go outside without a specific agenda. Let them lean into the nothing for a little bit and you will likely be surprised at the creativity and imagination that can be born from it. Say yes, say why not, experiment with not intervening because their ideas are too messy or too silly or not the “right way.” We all have an opportunity to nurture personal growth in our children right now, in so many ways.

Again, kudos to all of you who already have your schedules planned! We applaud your industrial spirit and organization, and we are not advocating for a two-week free for all either. We’ve got our own ideas for things we want to do as well! All we mean to say is, be aware of how much pressure you put on yourselves during this time, where the pressure from the world outside our homes is already great. Try giving yourselves permission to be gentle with yourselves. The children are going to be fine, and so will we.

We will continue to keep you posted as more information becomes available in regards to re-opening. Thank you for being such a wonderful, supportive community, and trusting us with your most precious belongings! We will see you soon.


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