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The mission of the Children's Discovery Museum is to provide an array of exhibits and activities that promote developmental skills including social, cognitive, problem solving and peer interaction. Our environment creates an interactive community in which hands on learning is provided through play.

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Upcoming Events

  • Kid’s Comic Book Workshop

    Come dressed up in your best superhero costume to talk about comic books, superheroes and real life heroes!  We will also talk about how comic books can help with reading skills. Create your Superhero name and invent your Superhero power!  Superhero fun for everyone!

Free Book Giveaways!

  • Family Reading Partnership

    What could be better than introducing your child to a real author and illustrator?  They joy they feel when they realize that they too could be an author someday is priceless.  Plan a time for them to experience this. Our next FREE author/illustrator event is on December 9th at 6:00. Lynn Plourde and Russ Cox will read their new book, Merry Moosey Christmas, and
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Make a Difference

  • Sponsorship

    Exhibit Sponsorship There are many exhibit opportunities in the Museum! We currently have a restaurant, a construction zone, a bank, a grocery store, and much more. We are always looking for new and exciting exhibits for the youngsters to explore. We will work with you to develop a space that is mutually beneficial to you, the children, and their parents. For example, when the
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