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Rent a Space

Although our Exhibits Hall is still under construction, we are excited to offer a place for families to host gatherings such as birthday parties for kids, friends and families. We also offer rental of our large Gathering Hall to organizations and groups for other events.


There is a base rental price for the space, and then optional add-ons for museum programming to be available during the party. All rentals include parking in the museum parking lot and use of the restroom facilities on site. 


Gathering Hall

This approximately 3,000-sqare-foot room is the perfect gathering place for groups. The room can comfortably fit 10 round tables, seating a total of 100 people. In addition to a large open floor, the room includes a stage and access to a commercial kitchen. 

Rate: $60/hour 


This approximately 322-square-foot space is suitable for smaller groups, and comfortably accommodates 20 people. The room comes with access to an Aerus Pure & Clean air purification system, three plastic folding tables, and as many black folding chairs as needed.

*Additional museum programming may not be available in this space.

Rate: $25/ hour



Vendor List

If you're looking for some extras for your rental, here are some of our favorite local vendors!

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