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We are current enrolling our spring session of Nursery School. Admission is rolling. Email amarinda@childrensdiscoverymuseum.org or call 207-622-2209.

The Children’s Discovery Nursery School is a licensed Nursery School with a mission to provide a safe, enriching, service-based Nursery School for families in the Kennebec Valley area. Located directly inside The Children’s Discovery Museum, the school seeks to provide an array of exhibits and activities that promote developmental skills including social, cognitive, problem solving and peer interaction. The environment aims to create an interactive community in which hands on learning is provided through play. Each day will include free play, in door and outdoor time, circle time, music and movement, facilitated activities and snack time.

Enrollment Children must be 2 years 9 months to 5 years.

Class runs part-time, Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:00am – 11:00am.

3 day weeks: $60/week

2 day weeks: $50/week

Payments are made weekly

Need-based Financial Assistance is available, please contact amarinda@childrensdiscoverymuseum.org. 

For more information, please contact info@childrensdiscoverymuseum.org or call us 622-2209.