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Welcome, Emily!

Say hello to Emily Bessey, the newest member of the CDM team! Emily will be joining us as our Museum Engagement Coordinator. I recently sat down with Emily for a little question and answer session to get to know her better:

Q: What will you be doing at the museum?

A: I am so excited to be joining the team at the Children's Discovery Museum! Until the new year, I'll be focusing on filling in for Amarinda while she is out on her maternity leave. I am excited to help support the big changes unfolding over the next several months. Our museum will be transformed! Additionally, as the Museum's Engagement Coordinator, I'll be looking for ways to engage the community at CDM. I hope to support the volunteer program that currently exists and look for ways to engage even more people to share their time and talents with our museum. I am also looking forward to helping with diversifying the programming at our museum. There are so many creative opportunities for partnering with the fabulous arts community in Central Maine! I want to be able to enrich the experiences of our members by helping to make this a place where all feel welcome and included.

Q: What connections did you have with the museum/children's community before joining us?

A: I have so many fond memories of bringing my children to CDM in Augusta over the years. I am eager for us to open our doors so families in Central Maine can have the opportunity to play and grow together in this beautiful new space. Even though my family lives down in Hallowell, my children have gone to Kennebec Montessori School in Fairfield and we feel very connected to the Waterville area. This will be a perfect gathering place for young families in the Waterville area.

Q: What is your educational background?

A: In graduate school, I studied non profit management and have a Masters of Human Services Administration. Additionally, I studied counseling and hold a Masters of Education in Counseling. Through my professional career, I have worked with a number of different programs supporting children in various capacities. From working with children in the Foster Care system, to serving as a school counselor, my focus has been on helping support kids in finding peace and joy in their lives.

Q: What are you most excited about in the new museum?

A: I can not wait to see the exhibit room, once it is built. It is inspiring to see how so many generous companies have contributed towards making the dream of this children's museum actually happen! We are part of such a special community who understands that places for play are worth investing in.

Q: Why do you think learning through play is important?

A: Screen- free play fuels creativity. I think imagination is like a muscle in the body that needs to be worked out to stay healthy. I see it with my own children- when they can access their imaginations and let them run wild, incredible stories come to life. I love that the museum provides a beautiful space for children to work out their imagination muscles!

Q: What are some of your favorite ways to play?

A: I love a good ol' fashioned dance party! My family loves to turn up the music and shake off the day by dancing around the kitchen. There is nothing better!

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