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Birthday Parties at the Museum!

The Children's Discovery Museum is excited to announce a new opportunity for families to host birthday parties!

Although the museum is not yet filled with exhibits, the space is available for rent, with a base price and optional add-ons for museum programming.

Besides being just plain fun, celebrating children's birthdays has lots of benefits! Hosting a birthday party for a child

  • creates special memories and traditions

  • marks the passage of time and acknowledges the child's unique place within the family

  • provides an opportunity for children to feel valued and special, and the celebration and attention they receive can boost their self-esteem and sense of importance

  • offers an opportunity for children to learn important social skills, such as sharing, planning, and cooperation.

Why choose us? Because we’re fun, unique, and affordable!

The details:

The Gathering Hall is the perfect gathering place for larger groups. At approximately 3,000 sq ft, the room can comfortably fit 10 round tables, seating a total of 100 people. The room includes a stage and access to a commercial kitchen.

For smaller groups, the Birthday Party Room is available. At approximately 322 sq ft, the space comfortably accommodates 20 people and comes with access to an Aerus Pure & Clean air purification system, three plastic folding tables, and as many black folding chairs as needed. Additional museum programming is not available in this space.

One of the first parties hosted at the museum was a tea party theme! The birthday girl’s mother went all out with decorations and thoughtful activities, and the kiddos enjoyed bite-sized snacks and sipping tea (which was actually juice!) from real tea cups. It was darling, to say the least!

Not interested in the hassle of putting together your own themed party? We’ve got you!

In addition to space rentals, the museum offers a variety of add-ons to enhance the party experience. Tables, chairs, and museum programming are all available to rent. Museum programming options include the Mobile Museum, Popcorn and a movie, and the Space Party:

  • The Mobile Museum is a set of 6-9 different hand-made panels for free play, set up and monitored by a museum employee.

  • The Popcorn and a movie option includes use of the museum projector, screen, sound system and computer, as well as a museum employee to run the popcorn machine. You must provide the movie in DVD or Blu-Ray format.

  • The Space Party option is a dance party in a planetarium, with a museum staff member overseeing music and space-themed lights in an inflatable dome.

All rentals include parking in the museum parking lot and use of the restroom facilities on site. Contact the Children's Discovery Museum to book your party today!

Take a look at the two different room options below:

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