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Kicking Off Construction with a New HVAC System

Our first bit of construction is underway at the museum! We are so excited to be working

with Anthony from Kennebec Heating and Cooling, who is installing an HVAC system in the museum Exhibit Hall. The system heats and cools the entire space, and includes an ERV system to provide fresh air to the hall to meet ASHRAE 62.1 code. If you have seen our exhibit hall, you know that the room has very high ceilings. To stop hot air from getting trapped at the top, the spiral duct has been installed on both sides of the room as high as possible to more easily distribute the conditioned air throughout the entire room.

Installing the HVAC System

Health and wellness have become pillars in the design of the new space. Our exhibits themselves will incorporate the theme, but we are also thinking of innovative ways to ensure that the space is clean. There will be air purification machines in classrooms, the air exchange system in the hall, low-microbe materials, and easy-to-clean high-touch zones.

Anthony was the perfect person to work with on this project because he knows a little

Anthony and Melissa with their family

something about children! Anthony and his wife Melissa are the proud parents of 3 kids ages 3, 6 and 8. They are an outdoor-loving family that spends their time together skiing, swimming, campaign, and riding ATVs!

Anthony grew up in Frenchville in Aroostook county and says that “Long winters, fishing, and picking potatoes was the way of life” and always understood the value of hard work. He grew up hoping to own his own business and has been in the HVAC field now for 14 years. When asked about his favorite part of the job, he said relating with his customers, forming trusted relationships and always seeing new places and challenges. He is proud of the work he does and values his dependability - as do we! Thank you, Anthony, for working with the Children’s Museum.

The next step in construction, after the HVAC is fully installed, is to hire a general contractor to complete the interior renovations, which include accessibility and fire safety updates, like larger bathrooms, a new alarm system, the removal of inaccessible step-ups, and new code-compliant doors. This project is currently out for bid.

Anthony out in the field

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