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Behind the Scenes: Meet the Museum's New Board President

Meet James LaLiberty, who became our new board president at the end of 2021. He joined the board in 2017 and, before becoming a member, often visited the museum with his two boys at its former Augusta location. James, who brings his legal expertise as an attorney at Jabar LaLiberty, LLC, recently took the time to tell us a little more about himself. Thanks James!

Children’s Discovery Museum: What are you most excited about for the new museum?

James: I am excited that the Waterville and Central Maine community will have a wonderful place to bring children to experience learning through play. I’m excited about the programming that the museum will offer to the youth in our community. And I’m excited that the museum will be a great asset to the community that will play a big part in encouraging young families to visit and move to Waterville.

CDM: What are you most proud of about your tenure as a board member?

James: I’m proud that we have been able to keep this project moving forward during the pandemic. We’ve been able to continue to raise money for the capital campaign, we’ve made tremendous progress with the exhibit design process, and we’ve put the museum into a position where we’ll be able to open the doors not too far into the future.

CDM: What do you and your family do for fun?

James: My family and I enjoy getting outdoors, spending time with extended family, participating in youth sports and spending quality time with each other.

CDM: What was your favorite play activity when you were a kid?

James: My favorite play activity when I was a kid was playing sports, especially hockey, with friends in my neighborhood.

Fun facts: James played for Colby College's Men's Ice Hockey Team and, before attending the University of Maine's School of Law, he worked at Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park.

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