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Behind the Scenes: The Association of Children's Museums Network

Did you know that the Children’s Discovery Museum is part of the Association of Children’s Museums? This international organization has a mission to champion children’s museums worldwide. In their own words, “ACM is the world’s foremost professional society supporting and advocating on behalf of children’s museums, and those who work at and otherwise sustain them. We leverage the collective knowledge of children’s museums through convening, sharing, and dissemination.”

As part of the ACM, the Children’s Discovery Museum is part of a network of more than 460 members in 50 states and 19 countries. This has been particularly important recently, as museums around the country have been forced to close. The day after we shut down in March 2020, Executive Director Amarinda Keys was on a giant zoom call with directors all around the country, discussing strategies for sustaining, analyzing data and predictions, and talking through creative ways to continue serving families. As time went on, workshops, check-in calls, and even a virtual conference continue to be instrumental in supporting our museum as we continue to navigate this challenging time.

Once our new museum opens, ACM will continue to provide resources and connections to help inform everything from operations, programs, development, and more.

And the best part for you? As a member of the ACM network, our visitors will be able to purchase memberships at our museum in Waterville, which will allow for full or discounted access to all other ACM networks around the country and the world. Pretty neat!

Thank you to the Association of Children’s Museums for their support!

Executive Director, Amarinda Keys, at the May 2018 ACM Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina

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