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Behind the Scenes with Our Board President

This month we’d like to introduce you to our outgoing board president. Meg Loubier has a long history with the museum and has been the board’s president since 2018. While her term ends this month, we're happy to have her continue as a board member.

Here’s what our executive director has to say about her:

“Meg is awesome because she's always seen the potential that the museum has and has always wanted it to grow in size and capacity,” says Amarinda Keys. “She is positive and optimistic when things seem uncertain and has never given up. She has great connections in the community and is a great networker and loves talking about the museum.”

Meg, we’re so grateful for all the work you’ve done! Thanks for taking the time to share a little more about yourself here.

Children’s Discovery Museum: What is your history with the museum?

Meg: I have served as the board president since September of 2018 and have loved every minute of it as we move closer and closer to opening the new museum. It has been quite a journey! I was also involved with the museum many years ago. I first joined the board when it was located in Augusta way back in 2010. I served on the board for many years and when my term ended, I served on the board for the Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderers. Then in 2018, Amarinda contacted me let me know about the exciting plans to bring the museum to Waterville. When she asked if I would like to join the board as president I was so excited and happy to hear from Amarinda that I had to say yes!

CDM: What are you most excited about for the new museum?

Meg: I am most excited about the opportunity for families to adventure, play, learn, and gather together in a beautiful and thoughtful space. The exhibits are going to be amazing and I can’t wait to see families enjoy them. I am also super excited about the wellness theme that will be present throughout the museum which focuses on mind and body – reflection, movement, rest, practice, expression, connection, curiosity, and gratitude.

CDM: What are you most proud of about your tenure as board president?

Meg: I am most proud that I was able to support our incredible executive director, Amarinda Keys. Amarinda deserves all the accolades. I simply served as a support person for the incredible work that she does each day.

CDM: Can you tell us about your job and any skills you learned either on the job or elsewhere that helped you on the museum board?

Meg: I am a commercial lender with Bangor Savings Bank. Skills in finance and budgeting have helped me provide perspective and input as a board member. I have three children and being a mom has certainly provided me with experiences that I bring with me as a board member.

CDM: What do you do for fun?

Meg: I love to hike with my children and go to the beach. I play the ukulele and sing, as does my daughter! I love to be outside and run with my dog Rocky. I was once a ballerina with Maine State Ballet and I now I teach at a local dance school. I also love yoga! I teach yoga at the dance studio and I taught children’s yoga at the museum’s summer camps this year.

CDM: If you could be a crayon color what would it be and why?

Meg: If I were a crayon color, I would be Midnight Blue. Blue is my favorite color and I particularly like the deep blue shade of Midnight Blue.

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logy laskey
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logy laskey
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