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Behind the Scenes: Unpacking our 1st new museum purchase

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Have you heard about the design for our Mill MakerSpace? This exhibit is one of four "sections" of our exhibit floor; Rural, City, River, and Mill.

Recently the museum made its first purchase towards this exhibit! These tables, chairs, and stools will create the work space for creativity. While the Mill MakerSpace exhibit will not be ready to welcome visitors until our museum is open, we will have a chance to prototype program ideas and test out these pieces during upcoming after school programs.

The new Mill MakerSpace exhibit is focused on innovation, tinkering, and exploration. Modeled off the old mills that Maine is known for, this new exhibit creates a community that encourages children and families to see themselves as competent and capable makers and creates a unique context for connecting visitors to Maine’s history and heritage. The space is built to acknowledge the importance of innovation, with the hopes of encouraging a new generation of tinkerers, dreamers, and builders.

Colby Interns helping to unbox our brand new pieces!

The Mill MakerSpace is an area where you might build a Rube Goldberg machine, connect a circuit to turn on a light bulb, stitch a pillow for your favorite doll, or build a birdhouse using real hammers and nails. With rotating activities, this space will continuously offer our visitors unexpected challenges and fresh inspiration to create.

Around the country, MakerSpaces are becoming more and more popular in the Children’s Museum setting. In a recent publication by the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum and Institute of Museum and Library Services called Making + Learning in Museums and Libraries, “making” is defined as “building or adapting objects using tools and real mate

rials and engaging learners in the process of using these tools and materials.” We are working to create an inspiring MakerSpace of our own that provides an opportunity for purposeful making to take place. The goal of the Mill MakerSpace is to create a community where children and families identify as makers with this idea that we as humans are more than just consumers, we are creators.

We can't wait to welcome you when this exhibit is complete!

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